Self Development

A collection of self development resources for mind, body, and soul. Motivational coaches offer courses with interactive activities, tasks, and studies for the improvement of self knowledge and spiritual growth. You will find a large selection of truly inspiring resources for self development to achieve your full potential in both your professional and personal life.

Spiritual coaching, certifications, life coaching, motivational coaches and self development resources to aid in mind, body, and spirit growth and self development for the soul.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”
— Mohandas Gandhi

Awakening The God or Goddess Within You

BodyMind Nutrition 101

BodyMind Nutrition Renewal Webinar with Lars

BodyMind Performance FREE Webinar with Michele Paiva – Stepping Into Your Intuition

CareerHearted Business Essentials

Coaching Profits Intensive

Creative Visualization is a collection of 12 guided meditation audios delivered by Lisa Nichols, based on elements from Shakti Gawain’s ”Creative Visualization” and Silva Method. Lisa’s teachings will take people on an ”experiential carpet ride” into their future from a very organic, practical and tangible place of touch, smell, feel and experience.


David Avocado Wolfe Intro To Living Nutrition E-Course

David Avocado Wolfe Living Nutrition E-Course

David Wolfe – FREE E-Course

Discover Qi ~ Combined, the word Qi Gong translates to ‘Life Energy Cultivation’, and is the act of harnessing and using this energy to achieve your body’s full potential. It’s practiced by millions around the world every day, and it’s beliefs have spawned many similar practices such as yoga, tai chi, chakras and acupuncture to name but a few. For some of you Qi Gong might not be a new idea, but for those of you discovering it for the first time, perhaps no one is better equipped to tell you about it than Lee Holden.


Eating Healthy 365 and Stress Tools 365

Elaina Love’s Raw Chef Certification


Essence of Emotional Intelligence

Essence of Knowing

Essential Reflex Therapy For The Family – with Lone Sorensen

Eyesight Essentials

Eyesight Essentials – 3-Part Free Intro Video Series

Fermentation For Life Beer – Wines – Meads – Ciders

Fermentation For Life Simple Cheeses

Fermentation For Life Probiotic Condiments

Fermentation For Life History, Dairy and Coconut Yogurts

Fermentation For Life with Kombucha – Kvass and Probiotic Tonics

Fermentation For Life Legumes

Fermentation For Life Sourdough

Fermentation For Life Fermented Vegetables

Fermentation For Life Fermented Vegetable Part 2 – Cabbages

FREE BodyMind Renewal Webinar with Lars

Living in Power and Wisdom

Love or Above ~ Over the last 15 years Christie Marie Sheldon has been enhancing people’s personal vibrations to seminal heights, allowing them to become magnets for life’s pleasures. Christie has now cultivated the Love Or Above Toolkit to enable anyone anywhere to strengthen their energetic wellbeing to manifest and enjoy the fruits of life.

Making Friends with Time

Mindful Presence

Omharmonics is a revolutionary audio meditation product designed and developed after a year of devoted attention by Mindvalley and a team of world-class consciousness engineers. Powered with binaural beats, heartbeat synchronization and ambient sounds, Omharmonics stimulates your senses in a positive way and is scientifically proven to eliminate internal and external resistance to allow you to reach an optimal meditative zone in a matter of minutes!


Patty Lager – Human Anatomy 1

Patty Lager – Human Anatomy 2

Quality Matters

Quantum Jumping is an advanced visualization exercise that will enable
you to tap into your subconscious mind and discover infinite number of
realities and possibilities. After spending decades studying meditation,
yoga, hypnosis, and a variety of other spiritual and metaphysical disciplines,
Burt Goldman invented Quantum Jumping in 2008. We now have over 180,000
Quantum Jumpers from all over the world who continue to change their
lives in incredible ways!

Richard Schultz – Refreshing Beliefs Method

Simple SuperMom Secrets (Free E-Course)

Soul Mates

Stephen Hobbs – Creating the Well-Living Workplace

The Power of Anger

The Self Hypnosis and Self Awareness Intensive

The Spiritual Laws of Money

Ultimate Project Manager

Uncompromised Life

Usui Reiki – First Degree

Usui Reiki First and Second Degree Career Package – 25% Off

Usui Reiki Second Degree

WEBINAR [With Lars] 12 Ways To Instantly Increase Your Income

Wisdom of the Cosmic Garden

WRC – Cleansing Intensive

WRC – Flower Essences

WRC – FREE D-Tox Course

WRC – Herbology 1

WRC – Herbology 2

WRC – Iridology

WRC – Western Materia Medica 1

10 Day Transformation – Athletes

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11 Keys to Miraculous Success

30×30 Total Transformation is a 30 day fitness program that uses the latest science in mind programming, and minimum effective dose exercise to prime your body, mind and soul for peak performance – in just 30 mins a day.

30 Day Meditation Oasis

90 Day BodyMind Renewal Program

BMI Referral Partner Program

Mind Valley Referral Program