FIRST TO LAUNCH – WP FAST AND EASY ONE-TAP PAYMENTS – A Checkout Process Facilitating Online Commerce

WP Payment Request, is a new API for the open web that allows easy one-tap checkout for buyers when visiting ecommerce sites. The new API, online stores utilizing the WP Engine Ecommerce Toolkit for WooCommerce will be able to deliver a better overall user experience with fast and easy payments that streamline the checkout process on shopping sites.

According to a Google study, nearly two-thirds of mobile purchases are made on mobile sites versus mobile apps, but conversion rates on mobile sites remain only 33 percent of that on desktops—largely due to the fact that mobile purchasers online have lacked the ability for a one-tap checkout.

Powered by the Payment Request API, which will be supported by Google’s Chrome 53 for Android, WP Engine’s One-Tap Payment feature will allow users to do just that and improve conversions for merchants by dramatically simplifying and accelerating their checkout process. The new technology removes the need for users to enter payment and shipping details with each purchase, instead allowing end users to use payment information stored in Chrome to easily pay and ship with a few simple taps. By streamlining the checkout process, merchants can accelerate both the frequency and amount purchased by mobile users when visiting an online store.

“Buying things online via mobile can be a frustrating experience for users due to having to manually type in information over and over again – resulting in shopping cart abandonment for merchants,” said Lisa Box, Vice President of Business Development for WP Engine. “WP Engine is dedicated to helping ecommerce companies make sure not only their customers are having a great user experience, but that the companies themselves are using the right tools to grow conversion rates and hit business goals.”

The WP Engine Ecommerce Toolkit for WooCommerce enables WP Engine customers to quickly and easily launch ecommerce solutions to deliver better user experiences and customer-merchant interactions. The solution is available today for WP Engine customers using the WooCommerce platform, which powers approximately 30% of all online stores, making it the global leader among ecommerce platforms.

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