Structured Water

Structured Water – What is it?

Have you ever thought about water, you know the substance that we must all drink and use everyday to survive?


Water is simple by design, consisting of only two atoms, Hydrogen and Oxygen, yet it is a very complex substance. It is also the most abundant substance on earth. Your own body is composed of almost 70% water by volume!

Water is one of the best solvents nature provides, meaning that more substances dissolve into water than any other substance on earth. The reason this is so important to understand is because the only way that water can carry the nutrition your body needs into your cells, while removing the waste materials the cells produce, is if the various substances are first dissolved into water. This is just one of the many functions of water, but a very important one, and one that most scientists and doctors recognize.

We will begin now to explore what “Structured” water is, and why it is so important.

Hydration and Mineralization 

What water does for youThe water that you drink and use everyday is crucial to your health and well-being.

To benefit fully from the water you drink, it must be structured, mineralized, and be able to carry the nutrients directly to your cells in order to hydrate your cells and body tissue properly.

One of the challenges of this process is that the water most of us are drinking, our tap and bottled water, has surface tension and therefore has a very difficult time penetrating our cell walls.

What is Surface Tension?

Surface TensionThe reason that water has surface tension is easily seen at the molecular level. The molecular bonds of water are polar, which means that they are slightly magnetic. These magnetic poles line up in such a way as to cause the water to create a tension on its surface.

Why does this matter? Because molecularly disorganized, or unstructured, water has much greater surface tension than structured water due to the unstructured water’s loss of essential electrical charge.

This means that structured water can much more easily and efficiently penetrate into the interior of the cell allowing the structured water to carry into the cell all of the necessary vital energy and nutrients, while also removing all of the cellular waste.


What Makes Structured Water So Important?

How much do you know about the water that you’re drinking? Is it helping you, or harming you?

Let’s take a serious look at the water we are using on a daily basis and see if it is healthy are harmful. How is our water cleaned?

The Way Humans Do It

Water Treatment Plant Lets first take a look at the way water is treated on our planet to make it drinkable.

In addition to the water from our faucet having surface tension making it difficult to penetrate our cells, what does get through to our cells is loaded with harmful and dangerous chemicals!

How man does it — Cleaned with Chemicals…, Chlorination, Fluoridation, Polyphosphates, Aluminum, Ferric Chloride — just to name a few.

Modern science and technologies have done more to injure, alter, and contaminate water than at any time in the history of man. Current methods of treating and transporting water only serve to corrupt, de-energize and ultimately destroy water’s many amazing, life-enhancing qualities.


Water does many seemingly miraculous things, many of which we still do not really understand but in order for it to accomplish its other equally important tasks, it must be properly aligned, or “organized.”  You may be wondering how can water be altered or organized, that doesn’t seem possible, yet by mere observation we see that it can be, and is, altered by nature all the time.

The Hydrologic Cycle

Hydrologic Cycle.jpg Do you realize that no new water has been made since the world began?

Since there is no new water being produced, the precious water that is here must be constantly cleansing and renewing itself.

The way nature accomplishes this miraculous feat is through what is known to science as the Hydrologic (or water) Cycle in an exquisite interplay between the two physical actions of evaporation (gaseous) and condensation (liquid), as can be seen depicted in this diagram.

As you consider these easily, yet miraculous observed behaviors of water, you may find that your preconceptions of what water is and what it does are seriously challenged.

In addition to the Hydrologic Actions mentioned above, water is also exposed to, cleansed, and energized by the multiple actions of friction, sunlight, electromagnetism, scalar energies and motion (in the form of spinning or vortexing).

So What Exactly Is Structured Water Anyway?

Scalar and Electromagnetic Energies.jpg

“Structured” water is another term for water in its natural state that has not been subjected to the damaging effects of the modern phenomena of pipes and toxic chemicals.

Most of us know that clean, natural water is better for us, and that spring and rainwater are the best waters of all. Farmers understand that rainwater is better for crops and livestock than irrigation water. The reason is simple. Rainwater falling from the sky is refreshed, energized and transformed by the rays of the sun, the swirling motion of the wind, the electrical charge of lightning, and by the natural design of the atmosphere itself.

All of these factors work together in perfect harmony to realign the molecular configuration of water, making it more efficient and productive for plants, animals and people.  This is how nature structures water.

What if we had a way to enhance water in much the same way?

WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED IN DRINKING IT.., showering in it, doing laundry with it, watering your plants, yard, garden, vegetables, farm and basking in the health benefits of “Structured” water that mimics the natural Hydrologic Cycle?

What If We Can Bring The Streams, Structured Water, Into Your Home And Life?

The Way Nature Does It.jpgThis is a game (life) changer 

What if we told you that there is such a delivery system that accomplishes one of nature’s greatest miracles of regeneration and renewal by mimicking the natural vortexing motion of water as it falls to the earth as rain and tumbles along a mountain stream, creating a measurable increase in water’s ability to hydrate and nourish plant and animal tissues, penetrate soils and conserve water, one that causes crops and livestock (and people too!) to grow healthier, would you be interested in using this in your daily life?

We have just the technology for you and we are very happy to represent these “Structured” water units.

Whether you’re concerned for your personal health while at home and traveling, your garden and crops, your pool and yard, or you are in the agricultural field and would like healthier yields and less costs, you own and raise livestock and want healthier, happier animals that produce more, you own a restaurant or hotel and want to save resources, or you own a vineyard and would like to produce healthier yields and better tasting wine…, let us show you how these “Structured” water units are able to fulfill your needs.


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